Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rain, Rain, don't go away

I woke up this morning, put the dogs out and thought a water pipe was broken.  That is until I noticed that everything was wet.  Wow, it's raining!  We don't get that very often here.  The high desert gets about 6 inches of rain a year, although there's a huge range of amounts to reach that average.  Most years it seems that we only get 3 inches.  It would be nice if things were greener, but at the same time it's wonderful to not have to worry about slogging through the mud all winter long.  We don't have to be as cautious about putting things away, although on the rare occasion when it does rain we are usually dashing around to put the things away that we left out.  This morning was pretty good, only a bag of dog food left in the rain and it was rescued before much damage was done.

Wet chicken