Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ranch bbq was a success!

I'm absolutely exhausted...we all are.  But boy was the BBQ fun!  So many people showed up to help that I was absolutely amazed.  And even more amazing was how hard everyone worked.  I was so impressed!  And even more amazing than how hard everyone worked was that everyone had fun working hard! lol!!  We got all sorts of branches picked up all over the property and a huge cottonwood that fell down in the last big storm was cut up with chainsaws and all the branches were hauled off to our chipping pile.  It would have taken us months to get that monstrosity cleared away, but with the help of friends, we had it spick and span in hours.  Our roundpen even got moved and is now set up and ready to use.  Yes!!!
After we exhausted ourselves cleaning up the ranch, we had a big BBQ with sausage and hamburgers and pork and steak and rice and beans and chips and everything else!!!  Our refrigerator is still stuffed with food!  Unfortunately, the infamous Lucerne Valley wind decided to appear and we retreated inside before our food blew away.
After eating, Doc broke out his guitar and sang us beautiful and sometimes hilarious cowboy songs that his dad taught him when he was a boy.  Some of the songs are probably only known by him.  Doc has a CD out if you're interested.  
All in all it was a great day.  We laughed, we cried and best of all, we have another BBQ scheduled for June 12!  Don't miss it!!