Friday, July 2, 2010

Midget White poults

Midget White eggs are HUGE compared to other turkey eggs and the poults (baby turkeys) hatch much bigger than other turkey poults.  However, Midget White turkeys only grow to be maybe half the size of other turkeys.  Hence, the name Midget (and they're white so that explains the rest).  Midget White turkeys start life with irony and I have a feeling they will continue to live and develop as a breed that is very unique in its personality.  When the Midget Whites started hatching yesterday morning, I knew within a few hours that their personality was different than the Bourbon Reds. The Midget Whites were curious and spent most of their time looking out the window of the incubator to see the world around them.  Whenever I shown a flashlight in the incubator to check on everyone, they jumped up and tottered towards it.  Now that the poults are in their brooder box, they stare intently at anyone who walks by.  Also, everyone who raises turkeys says that the poults aren't that smart and they sometimes starve or dehydrate to death before figuring out how to eat and drink.  Not these little guys.  Within a half hour of being taken out of the incubator they were eating and drinking.  So far Midget Whites seem like a very intelligent turkey.
 Everyone at the ranch thinks its going to be really fun raising these turkeys!  I'm happy to have them at the ranch as they are the number one tasting turkey and they are also extremely rare.  Our plan is to raise some for Thanksgiving next year as well as raise them to sell as pets and breeding stock.