Friday, July 6, 2012


Well, not exactly pumpkins, but pumpkin sprouts.  We finally got the seeds in the ground and they're starting to grow.  Now as long as we can keep them away from all the pests, we will have a gazillion pumpkins come this halloween.

We plant pumpkins in a unique way.  Most people plant pumpkins on a mound like this.

We actually plant ours in a deep hole (pic to come if I can remember).  Planting on a mound is great in wet areas because it gets the plant roots away from water.  If roots get too wet, they will die.  However, we live in the desert.

In the desert, you struggle with getting enough water to your plant.  Planting seeds in a hole means the water is directed straight to the roots, less water runs off and therefore less water is used.  Also, being in a hole blocks the plant from the harsh desert winds and the harsh desert sun (yes, we have too much sunlight as well-if you're from a cold/wet area you probably can't even believe that's possible).

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