Saturday, July 7, 2012

What do you do with bad fruit?

Previous to today, when fruit went bad (or at least was on the edge of going bad and too squishy to eat), I would either throw the fruit to our animals or the compost.  Who wants to eat an apricot that has the consistency of pudding?  Yuck.

Well, while it's great to feed fruit to your animals, there is another use that can save on the edge fruit.  Make Apricot Jam!  We have had two amazing woofers from France staying with us and today one of them taught me how to make jam.  So easy and I'd never learned before!

Really all you do is cut up the apricots, put sugar in with them, about 800g to every 1000g of apricots (and if you're not using weights to cook you really need to start).  Leave them overnight for the sugar to work its magic and then boil them the next day for 45 minutes (a low boil).  Eventually the apricots fall apart and it starts looking like jelly.  Pour it into clean jars, turn them over so the heat seals them and voila!  Apricot jam.  So easy!!!