Monday, May 10, 2010

Need fencing materials

We desperately need some fencing materials to build separate coops for our different breeds of poultry  to keep them safe from each other and predators.  Our geese don't get along well with the chickens during breeding season and this morning they got out and into the main chicken coop.  Sadly, they attacked a couple of the chickens.  One died and another is being nursed (yes, in my house) and will hopefully make it.  While the geese have never bit a human, they obviously get very annoyed at anyone and anything that comes into their nesting area.  The chickens don't seem to realize this and waltz right into the goose nest house and don't tend to waltz back out.
If we had some fencing and wood (or money to purchase these things), we could provide safe and separate housing for each different breed or at least the groups that get along.  Let me know if you have anything available or can help out in any way!  It is very much appreciated.

We also need some comfy couches and chairs so that ranch volunteers can have a comfy place to meet and talk.