Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our new goslings. Sooooo cute!

We just added five new breeding pairs to the Ranch's goose breeding program and we're so excited!  The Cotton Patch goose is an extremely rare goose.  While they've been around since the 1600s, nobody really recognized them because they were working farm geese.  Their job was to weed the farm, be eaten and donate their feathers and grease.  When chemical herbicides came out, the geese weren't needed anymore and have almost gone extinct.  Through the efforts of Tom Walker, this breed has come back from the brink.  In this video, I'm bringing the geese back to the farm where they belong.  My garden is totally full of weeds after sitting dormant all winter (never got that cover crop in darn it).  Instead of weeding, I brought the new babies out and they they spent the afternoon pulling weeds for me...well, eating them at least.  Occasionally they took a chomp on my garlic too, but didn't do much damage.  I don't think they liked the taste of it.  When they were crawling all over me trying to take a nap in my lap (all eleven of them), and I couldn't move anymore because they were either in my lap or leaning against me sleeping, and after I sat there for a while getting a sunburn as they softly tweeted in their sleep, I finally decided to put them to bed in the barn.  What a nice Sunday!