Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Danish Blessing

He's going to tease me so much if he ever sees this blog, but we absolutely loved our first wwoofer.  So much so that when I came home today to an empty house it made me sad and teary-eyed to not see him with a joke to tell and a big smile and that cute danish accent.

Four years ago, my dad left and our family fell apart.  It's been the hardest four years of my life and there has been too little happiness.  I never told Niklas, but I actually decided to invite a wwoofer to stay because I thought, in addition to the much needed help around the ranch, it might be a nice change to cheer everyone up.  We were so scared that it would be a miserable two weeks with this stranger from Denmark and thought it might be pleasant at best.  But it was...I don't even know how to describe it...a blessing.

I'm not usually corny, but it's the truth.  The past two weeks has been the happiest I've been in the past four years.  I feel like I have a little brother now.  I never thought I could grow to like someone so much in so little time.  Not even two weeks really, he was here for a week and a half only yet somehow he managed to wedge his little danish self into my family's heart.  We really needed to be cheered up and, even though I'm totally depressed now because he's gone, it was really really what we needed.  Just a reminder that life is still full of joy and laughter if you can just find it.  No matter how hard it gets with this horrible economy or family problems or all the other millions of things that go wrong, there is always an adorable danish guy around the corner ready to make you laugh.