Thursday, March 29, 2012


Being a farmer is not an easy job. The enjoyment my family received from having our first wwoofer really made it clear how much we've missed social interactions.  We live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. Our closest neighbors are a half mile or more away and aren't social anyways.  Going to school, I was always surrounded by friends, but as an adult it's more difficult. As a farmer it feels impossible.

Of course it isn't, but it has to have much more effort put into it then perhaps someone living in the city.  That's one of the reasons we invited wwoofers, but we really need something more permanent.  I've begun to be more active in inviting people over for bbqs and such.  Hopefully things will begin to liven up and we can meet our needs for relationships. 

Women farmers are significantly more likely to suffer from depression.  One of the biggest suggestions is to build and maintain relationships.  Without these, really what is the point of working so hard?